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The Luddite Technologist: Mimosa at St. Paul’s International.

Last week Tuesday, Lauren and I spent 21 hours in some form of travel or travel-related waiting. By the time we got to Minneapolis, it didn’t matter that we only had thirty minutes layover, we were going to eat.

“Lauren, are those iPads where there should be menus?”

Yes. Those are. Continue reading The Luddite Technologist: Mimosa at St. Paul’s International.

What I’m Reading: The Tomorrow Project

I picked up The Tomorrow Project: Bestselling Authors Describe Daily Life In The Future at Norwescon in 2011. Given my forty book backlog (which I’m decreasing, at least until my December B&N/Half-Priced Books trip), my reading latency shouldn’t be shocking.

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Impossible Things

Last week Thursday, I chatted briefly with a coworker about my experiences working in C#.

My day job requires that I program on occasion, and so I do. My coworker wants to learn how to code, and so I’m teaching.

You’d think I’d be a terrible teacher. My code’s functional, but inelegant. My relationship to programming and math are the same as my view towards water. Definitely has purpose, but no desire to be drowned in it. I don’t enjoy the act of programming, like I enjoy the act of writing. I just enjoy the result. Hence, I’ll never be elevated to programming black belt.

When I told my coworker this, he responded, “What do you mean? You’re coding right now. What more’s there to it?” Continue reading Impossible Things