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This, I Like This.

I have no words. Besides these ones. And the blog title.

And these ones down here.

Modern musicians only wish that they could make music videos this awesome. This is Evil Dead in music video form. I mean in the cheesy-become-awesome sense, not in some other sense!

If we’re talking about actually Evil Dead in music video form, I’ve seen that too:

You’re welcome.

Why The Lens Character From J. Geils Band’s Centerfold Is A Creepy Otaku

So I was listening to this in the car today…

…And I thought, “Who is this guy?”

Most critics of Centerfold take a feminist slant, focusing on notions of male possessiveness and the commoditization of the female body.

Not me. I thought, “Have I met this guy? What’s he look like? What’s he like?” Continue reading Why The Lens Character From J. Geils Band’s Centerfold Is A Creepy Otaku

What I’m Watching: Wreck-It Ralph

So, yesterday I went to see this movie. It’s great. You should go see it before I complain about it. If  you’re spoiler-sensitive, don’t “Read More” just yet. This entry will wait.

This movie won’t.

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What I’m Watching: Sucker Punch

For the last month or two, I’ve been absolutely crazy to see the movie Sucker Punch, or as I heard it called (sounds like a great pitch quote) : “Alice in Wonderland with Machine Guns”.  I’m not aiming to spoil this for anyone, so there’s a courtesy cut below.  Don’t go complaining to me about spoilers if you clicked to read the rest: This entry is about the intersection between plot and message, and how the two can undermine each other, leaving the audience dissatisfied.  Also, I will say above the cut that the movie is definitely worth seeing.  The 1% of the movie that I complain about is what I focus on in this article, not the 99% that was amazing.

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