Digital Multiplication Table Flash Cards

I wrote about digital flash cards and spaced repetition in Impossible Things. Here’s my first deck, digital multiplication flash cards 1-20.

– Save time on reviews by only reviewing cards that you’re about to forget.
– Minimize physical flash card clutter.
– Review on PC, iPhone, Android, and web.
– Set up to test against keyboard input.

Awesome, where do I buy it?
Buy the Multiplication Tables Through 20 Anki deck – $2.99

Not useful? Not what you were looking for? No problem. Contact me within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund.

Still have questions? Contact me via e-mail here.

Anki Japanese Challenge Week 60

60 weeks ago, I started the kanji deck that brought me to practical fluency in Japanese reading. 48 weeks ago, I started my J-E deck. In August 2014, I brought all cards into circulation from Japanese Level Up’s “The One Deck”.

This is what my forecasts and reviews look like today.


At the worst, I performed 1300 reviews/day and spent 480m/day working on Japanese in Anki. Over the last month, I reviewed an average of 160 cards/day (ignore the stat above, which counts cards I got wrong as well as review cards) and spent about 23m/day.

This doesn’t mean that I only spend 23m/day on Japanese. I also listen to NHK broadcasts approximately 40m/day, read (~1 article/day) and The Sigh of Suzumiya Haruhi (1ch/week), and play Japanese ROMs on ZSNES. These are less measurable but infinitely more pleasurable vectors for staying up on Japanese that I couldn’t have enjoyed prior to getting through the massive vocabulary and kanji binge.

I look forward to breaking under the 100 cards/day mark. The forecast says that’ll be 16 days from now, but it’s been saying that since January. I’m in no rush, since 20m/day is sustainable.

Question: Why are you posting this?
I notice very little data on people’s progress or routines — mainly because people assume no one’s interested. As an outsider, data encourages me to undertake self-improvement projects I wouldn’t dare to without information.

Besides that, it’s nice for me to have a historical record.

I’ll be posting this data once a week on Sunday.

J.K. Rowling and the Penmonkey’s Opinion

Since this is exploding all over the internet, and I’ve now made the minimum ante-in to speak about Harry Potter fandom (I watched all the movies over the month of January) I feel like I’m privy to talking about this now. Hermione and Harry would be just absolutely awful together. Not as a couple, but for the story itself. Continue reading J.K. Rowling and the Penmonkey’s Opinion

Instead of an angry internet rant, here’s my goldfish!

Today, I read a presumptuous, reductionist, condescending article about diversity in geekdom. It devolved into flamebait about white, heterosexual, male self-importance and privilege, and then to hating on male geeks.

I wrote a 1,268 word response to it, and almost clicked “Publish”, but I refuse to spread more internet hate. Instead, here are pictures of my goldfish.


Front and center, Speckles. To the right, Loam. Loam started out charcoal black, but turned orange as he grew up, which is apparently common for darkly colored goldfish.


Saya is the biggest, and the sassiest in the tank. I love watching her lumber around the tank and the indignant look she makes when she accidentally bumps the bridge (lower left of picture).


This is Blaze. He’s the fishtank’s redneck. Lauren says that according to The Internet, Blaze’s tumor is benign, and that in any case, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be able to save him. It doesn’t seem to bother him any though.

Aren’t they cute?

Wasn’t that better than listening to an angry white geek argue with another angry white geek even though they agree on the central premise?

I thought so.

Yes, It is a Gaming Industry Problem

This came across my Twitter feed earlier today, and, having worked in the gaming industry for five years now (if you count that time working on customer service systems FOR a major gaming company) I have my own horror stories about the culture of silence concerning sexism and sexual harassment in the gaming industry.

As a games tester, there’s tremendous pressure to conform and to operate as some idealized worker-robot. A worker-robot that’s straight, male, and white, because for some reason an industry that used to provide a shelter for alternative lifestyles, hell, used to be an alternative lifestyle in and of itself, apparently operates according to the same dudebro asshole code that high school locker rooms and cliched college frats operate on. It’s like all the geeks saw the assholes who bullied them and said, “Yeah, that. I want to be that.” Continue reading Yes, It is a Gaming Industry Problem

The Dark Tower, Chiastic Something or Other, and Existential Blue Screens

So, we hit the 10-year mark on the last book of The Dark Tower series this year, but in case you, like me, are a F/SF fan that totally missed the whole thing because the bookstores file it under Literature with the rest of King’s work (WHY!?), I will alert you that yes, there are decade-old spoilers straight after the cut.

For those of you that haven’t read it yet, all you should know is that it’s good to read, and that King does manage to wrap it up with a satisfying-yet-not-satisfying ending. I want to talk about that ending. Continue reading The Dark Tower, Chiastic Something or Other, and Existential Blue Screens