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Lost in Synthesis

In Impossible Things I said that students can do brute force memorization in their spare time. So I’ve been doing that with Japanese, memorizing every kanji and vocabulary word on the recommended list for the JLPT1. But symbols and words don’t make a language…

Yesterday, I cracked The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱)’s cover. You might recognize the anime by the same name that aired in 2006.

Haruhi Suzumiya anime
Which, incidentally, you can purchase by clicking this picture.


You might even recalled the premise:

“What if God was one of us?”
“Okay, so what if?”
“And he was actually a Japanese schoolgirl.”
“Uhm, wow, that would explain a lot actually…”
“But she like, doesn’t know, man.”
“Alright, now you’ve lost me.” Continue reading Lost in Synthesis