Anki Japanese Challenge Week 60

60 weeks ago, I started the kanji deck that brought me to practical fluency in Japanese reading. 48 weeks ago, I started my J-E deck. In August 2014, I brought all cards into circulation from Japanese Level Up’s “The One Deck”.

This is what my forecasts and reviews look like today.


At the worst, I performed 1300 reviews/day and spent 480m/day working on Japanese in Anki. Over the last month, I reviewed an average of 160 cards/day (ignore the stat above, which counts cards I got wrong as well as review cards) and spent about 23m/day.

This doesn’t mean that I only spend 23m/day on Japanese. I also listen to NHK broadcasts approximately 40m/day, read (~1 article/day) and The Sigh of Suzumiya Haruhi (1ch/week), and play Japanese ROMs on ZSNES. These are less measurable but infinitely more pleasurable vectors for staying up on Japanese that I couldn’t have enjoyed prior to getting through the massive vocabulary and kanji binge.

I look forward to breaking under the 100 cards/day mark. The forecast says that’ll be 16 days from now, but it’s been saying that since January. I’m in no rush, since 20m/day is sustainable.

Question: Why are you posting this?
I notice very little data on people’s progress or routines — mainly because people assume no one’s interested. As an outsider, data encourages me to undertake self-improvement projects I wouldn’t dare to without information.

Besides that, it’s nice for me to have a historical record.

I’ll be posting this data once a week on Sunday.

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