Snowraven 2014 and other news

Wow, okay, um. Hi.

I haven’t posted an update here since August, and that’s kind of irresponsible. There are a lot of reasons for the lapse, but the best reason is that I dumped a ton of time into finishing Snowraven’s rough manuscript. It still needs edits, but those edits won’t start from the ground up, and that makes me as happy as a… a… well, a writer that’s finished a rough manuscript.

My next project is an as-yet untitled 3-part serial novel with the elevator pitch:
“What if Conan the Barbarian had trouble with women?”

Apparently I think that this story’s more important to tell than the backlog of other ideas that were waiting for post-Snowraven free time to complete. In a way, I find the new story comforting. The plot is quick and silly, but it’s been two years since I’ve had a new story idea rather than just executing on backlogged ideas. It’s a relief to know my stock of story-seed isn’t exhausted.

Notables since August: I finished The Dark Tower series, read Chuck Wendig’s Mockingbird, watched two anime series (“Ika Musume” and “Attack on Titan”), and got lost in Civilization III and IV, The Sims 2, and Fallout 1, all over again. I’ll have reviews for these things up here soon.

Oh, I took the JLPT N1 again. Results will be back in February or March, not that it really matters. I’ve been doing fine professionally without that certification anyways.

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