A (Belated) Emerald City Comicon 2013 Post

I promised I’d write a more serious update about my Emerald City Comicon experience, rather than a fictionalized version, and although I got distracted, I did promise.

Lauren and I went only on Sunday. I went as Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files. She went as a plain-clothes extra.

The first thing I noticed was how big and crowded it was. There was just so much stuff. I chose to go to only two panels that day: The Gathering and the surprise panel on Pursuing an Art Education. I enjoyed both immensely.

I also got to catch up with some of the local artists and writers who’re good enough to put up with my presence. I’m kind of peripherally engaged in the local creative scene, and it’s nice to catch up and show moral support for the awesome artists in the area.

Oh, and as I went between booths and panels, I got mobbed by people who recognized my cosplay. As a first-time cosplayer, this was perhaps the most interesting part. I did get ogled and hit on, proof that guys don’t hold a monopoly on acting creepy to cosplayers, but all in all, the support and shared recognition was fun. I almost wonder if I got more notice going as Harry Dresden because of the scarcity of Dresden cosplayers on the floor. The place was positively flooded with Doctors and Deadpools. That might have helped.

Either way, it was all in all a fun affair, and I didn’t make such an ass out of myself as my previous post indicated. In fact, only one of those incidents was based on reality.

Off-Topic a little: I got a commenter on my last post cheering me on for my (satirical) behavior, which is just kind of awkward. I mean, I posted that this was a work of satire right below the post. I must have done enough not be taken literally, right? Right?

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