Software Development for Beginners

After having written a quick tutorial for Japanese beginners, I thought, “Hey, maybe I should do that for budding Software Devs too!”

Here goes nothing:
1) Install Racket.
2) Go to How to Design Programs (or purchase the hardcopy book if you’re a Luddite Technologist like me) and work through sections 1-22 and 31.
3) Decide what programming language you’d actually like to program in, since Racket is a great training language, but there are few jobs that use Lisp.
3a) If you decide on JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby, go to Code Academy and work through their exercises.
3b) If it’s Java, download my Java Fundamentals deck for free.
3c) If it’s C, C++, Scala, Clojure, or ClojureScript, or LOLCode, you’re on your own.

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